Me and My Brothers

My dear blog! This is my first posting in you..teehehe (before I have more blogs like you, but I hope you are the last one :*)

Please let me introduce myself (because I guess my personal life and experiences would be very interesting to you, even if everybody said that’s a piece of crap). I think as a new blog you have the right to know, no?

Well, I am, as you may knew, a 26 25 years old woman girl, who love to paint (especially with pencils and watercolors), write, read  good books, and listen to nice music. I have a dream of around the world and visit beautiful places and cities in the world. I hope that dream would be accomplished just before or after I died (and went to heaven)…Amen.

I am the eldest of the three girls of the family, and as an eldest I am expected to act like one. Of course I tried hard to fulfill the expectation just as I can, but sometimes I got tired of it. I’m yearning for affection a little sister deserves, and I think I deserve that as well. My family have been cold to me because of one and another things  (not merely because I am grew up). It is really hard for me to feel comfortable and accepted in my own home. This situation made me frustrated and I cannot stand being at home for too long (except if I am alone in my room).

I have a very dear fiancee and I call him Pupu (his name is Novie). I love him so much and vice versa. We have great times together in this last three years. So many stories we have made thru our life. Nevertheless, we are having though times struggling to be married. I hope we can be married as soon as possible, because he is very dear for me and I knew I would grow old with him happily. Pupu always do anything to keep me happy and he also act like my big brother, my friend, and my spoiled little child (I love it when Pupu act like childish boy) haha… and he sometimes romantic.

Btw, Pupu has a lifetime pals he called best friends. Those guys, Kak Afan and Kak Indra, are close friends of Pupu since they’re in the Junior High, until now. I would salute them fro preserving friendship for such a long time and not only friendship but also their harmony. Sometimes I got upset when they are together and I was forgotten behind. But lately things changed as Pupu lays more attention to me more than before. He prefers to bring me along when hanging out with Kak Indra and Kak Afan.

The Three Musketeers: Pupu, Kak Afan and Kak Indra. They’re brothers of mine 😀

Of course I felt a little bit uncomfortable being an only woman between three men. At first I only be a silent small branch in that car, listening and observing those three fellows chit-chatting and teasing each other. But as time goes by I became used to this situation Moreover, Pupu and Kak Indra and also Kak Afan are welcoming me in, so I didn’t get further inconvenience. Now I feel happy to hang out with them, and it’s started a few days ago when we went to Bandung, because they treated me just like a little sister.

Several days ago we (me, Pupu, Kak Indra, Kak Afan, and two of K Indra’s friends) had a retreat to Bandung to have fun. We went by car, and it was a delightful trip. Although we had hard time when waiting for Kak Indra cs. at Indomaret Bintaro (pupu nearly lost his patient and engaged me to go home, while Kak Afan bought pisang pasir several times). I convinced Pupu to stay and keep on waiting for some more time, but that miserable time made a payoff. Finally Kak Indra comes and the amusement began. We had fun trip, and I act as a navigator. I think we will sleep inside the car but no, Kak Indra rent 3 hotel rooms for us. 2 for the men and 1 for me only!

It’s kinda spooky to sleep alone, but I am happy with the fact that Kak Indra and Kak Afan really care about me and prevent anything happened between me and Pupu (so they separated us lol). We slept in a nice hotel in Bandung with ***stars quality. The bed was comfortable and the room was fine. However, I am not used to sleep alone so I kept the TV on all night long :D. I woke up 06:30 at the morning when Pupu knocked at my door. Before we called me and PING!!! me but I don’t even awaken lol.

While waiting for me showering and get prepared, Pupu, Kak Indra and Kak Afan had their narsis time at the balcony outside the corridor. The result is the photo above :D. Not so long they called me and I put make up hurry to catch up with them. We went down to have breakfast. This hotel’s breakfast are unexpectedly delicious and we eat everything we can (even we were came back for more several times l0l). I really enjoy times like this with my bros, times when I could be a spoiled sister who became her brothers’ favorite. I got everything I want when I was with them. I also give them amusement because they said I am funny and plain.

Back to the food, I eat so many bread until I lost my count (lebay mode on). Those bread was lightweight and delicious, and it was hard to stop eating them 😀 (oh no, the more time I spent with my brothers, the fatter I’ll be). I found a weird yet delicious drink at the breakfast table. That time I wanted to get some mineral water and found this green and suspicious juice. The color is deep green, and strongly smells like freshly cut grass at the backyard. However after the first suck I hooked with it and keep drinking it! I told my brothers that the juice is a green caterpillar essence lol and they are totally disgusted! But the taste was really delicious. It wasn’t too sweet and has typical fresh taste of fruits and veggies, with a hint of sour in the flavour. I believe this drink will be a great addition to my diet (‘though I never do diet :p).

I succeeded to force Pupu to try and he loved it as well! Finally he got a glass of his own and I had one more glass of my own 😀

After breakfast we left hotel and went to Gasibu. Because it was a market day, we were able to visit and bought some food and souvenirs. Finally, I thought, back to Bandung street again! Ahh, how I miss these scenery so much! Big trees stand along the way, clean and cool air, warm sunlight penetrated between green roof of foliage… I wish I could stay and live here henceforth.

Now, back to reality :D. We arrived at Gasibu at 09:00. The crowd was really dense and it’s hard to move. We had cheap and thrilling fresh milk for only a little buck of 2500 rupiah. They’re came in several flavors like strawberry, mocha, chocolate, melon, durian, honey, etc.

We took a walk thru different way to get back to the car. I was still a navigator and got blamed for the long route that I took (and the others forced to took). Those man cannot stand a long walk! I thought it wasn’t too long. It’s near from my view. Later I told Pupu that “I took the route only based on my instinct and poor memory… lucky me, it was correct way!”. But poor me, Pupu cannot keep a secret! He cannot help telling the others about my little secret. I got more protest 😦

Gasibu followed with Gedung Sate. Pupu got sick ‘masuk angin’ and ‘mual’ because he took a long walk while drinking much milk (his own milk and mine as well). My bad :(. I hate it when pupu got sick. I cannot stand to see him in misery. We took some photos in Gedung Sate, then I rubbed Pupu’s back with minyak angin and he said it’s help.

Btw, this is my first time to be inside Gd. Sate after 7 years stay in Bandung and back to Jakarta again. It’s quite beautiful inside. The building themselves are pretty, with touch of European colonial style. We can see pine trees stand in line, just like guarding the beautiful building. Too bad I did’t take picture there.

At Gedung Sate, Bandung.

After Gedung Sate, our next destination is Lembang and Ciater. I acted as navigator again and thank God I did that role very well (at least I did’t make us lost lol). We ride thru the street I once I really know and yearn. Tamansari street with a lot of trees standing in line at the roadsides, shield us with thick green foliage from yellow sunlight. We also passed through Cipaganti road (beautiful road) and Setiabudi. I was just realized how pretty Bandung is after I left :(.

We had a pleasant trip to Lembang with a bunch of chit-chat and jokes. I was happy because my brothers treated me as their spoiled sister and they likely to give anything I desire :D. Actually I hope we can stop by the Rumah Sosis but I thought that these bapak-bapak won’t have any appetite for sausages. They even didn’t interested in Jagung Bakar by the tea orchard.

We stopped at Warung Brebes restaurant on the way from Lembang to Subang. That was a nice spot to eat and hang around. The eating area lied in the balcony and offers the sight of mountains afar and trees and plateau scenery. That was beautiful! Too bad the poor customer service showed by several restaurant staff disappointed us (the waitress are dumb, nearly made Pupu mad).  But fortunately (for the restaurant owner and for us), the food was delicious and the sambal was very mantap :D. I ordered nasi timbel with fried chicken, Pupu ordered rice and grilled chicken. He ate big portion of rice because of the sambal.

With full stomach and happy heart, we left the restaurant and go on the trip to Subang. We passed thru beautiful road surrounded with tea orchard valleys and small pine forests (fabulous green small pine forests with the air of mysterious beauty). The scenery was breathtaking and the air was clean and cold. It was really relaxing moment rarely happened lately in my life. We cannot stand to take photos here at the tea orchard.

Tea pickers wannabe (or musketeers wannabe?) lol

There is the result^^ I took some more photos but I wonder where they are…

After an hour, we finally arrived at Ciater Hot Spring. That was quite a long time since the last time I visited this hot spring. It’s a little  bit crowded but cannot prevent us to have some good times :). I only act as a photographer (lol) but the men satisfied themselves with hot water soaking. I really envy them 😦 They said the soak made their bodies fresh and removes fatigue, and refreshed their mind.

There Pupu and Kak Indra strike a pose!

Soaking at Ciater Hot Spring

Yea..yea.. have fun guys! *envious*

Finally they are finished soaking and playing, and we were heading back to Jakarta. It was a sad moment for me. Always feel like that in every trip I have done 😦 The back home trip will leaves me with empty and sad feeling as if something good has been taken from me.

Just before reach home, we ate at the rest area in Cipularang (cannot remember which kilometer or what the restaurant name) but the roti cane and chicken curry was soooo delicious!

Okay, I guess there was a bit of stories about me and my brothers. I hope I would have a chance to tell another story! 🙂


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