Pandawa Beach: Whitest Sand and Bluest Water, A Hidden Bali Paradise

Among all beaches I’ve ever been in Bali, I think the Pandawa Beach is the best! It has whitest sand and blue emerald water that will catch your heart (as well as your melancholic side). It’s just a resemble of paradise I have ever seen in many box office cinemas, and I cannot get enough once arrived and step on its white smooth sand (with eyes stuck at the green and deep blue aquatic sight).

The newly found beach located in Kutuh village, in the southern part of Bali island. Hence, the Pandawa Beach also known as Kutuh Beach. It is not so hard to find this beach. The beach is in line with other beaches in Bukit Peninsula, like Balangan, Dreamland, Padang Padang, Suluban, and others.

The access to this beach is easy to find. Just drive down an enormous “marble quarry” (that surprisingly man-made) ravine in central Bukit. You will find huge statues of Pandawas sit in a deep man-made basin in the ravine wall. Here you will catch an unforgettable sight of the white sand beach from afar.

Just like mentioned above, along the way before you reach the beach, you will find 5 huge white statues of Pandawa Brothers, the protagonist of Mahabharata story. They are Yudhistira (the eldest), Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. You will find these statues as interesting object of photographs and maybe you will catch there for a while. However, I did :D. I like to consume as much appetizers as possible just to save the best part, the main course, for last. Haha…

Man-made marble ravine

Man-made marble ravine. The Appetizer 😀

From the top :)

From the top :), just before went down into the beach.

More stunning sight was slowly unveiled as we drove further. Finally we reached the parking area (that can be considered empty) and parked alongside several cars and motorbikes. You will be charged only for vehicles, not humans :). We just walked a little to reach the very beach. Maybe about 20-25 meters ahead, thru a conblocked pathway ends up with low stairs. Not even forget to took photos.

Road to Paradise...

Road to Paradise… sunshine’s so bright and I can hardly photographed with wide open eyes.

Just a few steps ahead and we found some lounges under white umbrellas, where a few foreigners was enjoying their books (as well as heavenly atmosphere of this beach). I think we were some kind of disturbance for them because we can’t help to hold our tongues. We were so excited and maybe a lil’ bit “overwhelmed” with that beauty. :D. Well, really sorry mister! Teehehe….

What I noticed about this beach topography: unlike other beaches in Bukit Peninsula, its not surrounded by rock and cliffs. The scenery shows extensive white sand to the end of  horizon.

Look! A Paradise!

Look! A Paradise!

A funny thing about this beach is its sand. It is smooth and hold your legs gently, but not a kind of powdery sand we will find in other beaches like Dreamland or Padang-Padang. It resembles ungrounded peppers and clearly spherical in shape. I kept some of them inside my shoes :p.

Just another breathtaking view...

Just another breathtaking view…

Waves can be high here and you cannot swim the deep blue water in the left side of entrance way. People will surf here. However, water in the right side is rather green and swimmable plus really inviting. You can see thru the water into the sand under. Some of tourists did swim, but most of them only spent their times lounge and read a good book. That’s what I called heaven on earth. 🙂

Anyway, this area considered as “secret” tourist destination, however, it is not that underdeveloped. You can find some small stalls and cafes along the beach, and you can rent beach lounger as well. But you may not find any accommodation near the beach, thank God. Do not worry, you still can find resorts and hotels with beach scenery offerings in Desa Kutuh area, like Banyu Biru, Nusa Dua Retreat, or Villa Nagasutra.



pantai pandawa bali



How about you? What is the best Bali beach in your opinion? Do share! 😀


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