A “Virgin” Tourist Spot: The White Sand Beach, Candidasa

I hardly ever heard about Candidasa. To be honest, I was just realized that the place belongs to the Island of Bali :D. However, several weeks ago I was just realized that I have made a big mistake for never knowing this stunning place with its beautiful “beaches”. Candidasa was once a gem in Bali.

It is said that previously we can find white sands with fringes of coconut leaves along the beach full of tourist, but now it was deserted somehow. The beach disappeared; only rock jetties left. But as we drove along the road, we noticed that the deep blue water is still there. The breeze and the atmosphere is still there. We’re getting excited!

As the blue of aquatic scene unveiled as we go along, our stomach started to growl. Hence we started eyeing some promising beachfront restaurants in the right side and end up in a Beach Restaurant called Le-Zat. I personally attracted with its bamboo gate with several blackboards with handwriting, showing their today’s specials. We didn’t regret our decision. The place is a comfortable one to have supper while enjoying the sea scenery. The food were delicious and the drinks was so good. I ordered Tom Yam Goong and it was the best Tom Yam I ever tasted. The Spaghetti Carbonara was also good!

Here are some photos from Lezat Beach Restaurant:


At the gate

Beachfront table

Beachfront table

They even have sun-loungers.

They even have sun-loungers.

Nourishing drinks of Ashitaba Tea (to relief muscle pains, unleashing blood flow, get rid of gastric organ problems, etc.)

Nourishing drinks of Ashitaba Tea (to relief muscle pains, unleashing blood flow, get rid of gastric organ problems, etc.)

Tom Yam Goong.

Tom Yam Goong.

Spaghetti Carbonara.

Spaghetti Carbonara.

Pool in front of resort.

Pool in front of resort.

They also have accommodation if you wish to stay near the Virgin Beach. In case you interested, here’s their contact:

Phone : +62 363 41539
Email : info@lezatbeachrestaurant.com
Jl. Raya Candidasa Beach,
Candidasa Amlapura 80851, Bali – Indonesia

Now back to the Virgin Beach topic :). After some delicious nourishment, we carry on with the searching of the virgin beach. No one among us been there before, so we have to search and ask locals alot for direction, as we didn’t get GPS signal. Finally we were in right direction, and it wasn’t a smooth one :D. Our Toyota Avanza had to pass thru bushes and woods. Haven’t mention the rocky passes and ups and downs, and bushy ravine at our car’s left side. It was a stirring moment of excitement and fear. 😀

Finally the rough pass showed its end and we also can see a glimpse of blue water and white sand in front of us. We were actually made our way to a paradise!

I was imagined the beach to be a quiet and empty one, with sea breeze and sunlight reflected on its white sand and blue water. Well, that daydream is mostly true, except the empty part. The beach isn’t as developed as Dreamland or Padang Padang, but you can find numbers of sun-loungers and small food stalls, and even clothing stall. But it was indeed quiet. And we love it.

This virgin beach or white sand beach is a perfect spot to lounge and swim. It is like you can spend a whole day here without disturbance. You can rent a sun-lounger and order young coconuts and just relax while enjoying the deep blue-green water with the sea breeze upon your face. It is a pure tranquility. OR, you can swim and play with the waves. Just be careful because sometimes the waves can be somewhat high for those who aren’t accustomed swimming in the sea. Another good option is rent snorkel equipments or just stroll by the white sand to the other end of the beach.



IMG_2544xx IMG_2562xx





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