What’s your name?

It’s not too comfortable for me to give real identity in the internet :).  Sometimes my lover addresses me as Cony.

Where do you currently reside?

Jakarta, Indonesia. A city with many vivid colors, I think.

Who is Brown?

Think about Cony The Rabbit’s lover bear in LINE.

What are you doing?

Writing, mostly. Sometimes do some graphic design.

Things delights you most?

Brown. Beach. Trees. Raindrops. Wind Chime. Piano. Lace. Morocco. Lake. Alps. Bali. Wind. Ranch. Sunlight through thin veils. Rustic. Good Books.

I am just a simple girl with many dreams, who loves to travel, to eat and to daydream. Tujuan dari dibuatnya blog ini adalah untuk berbagi dan membuat ‘rekaman’ dari perjalanan hidup saya: semua hal yang saya sukai, dan semua hal yang sangat berarti buat saya. Hidup ini singkat, dan cuma sekali. Semoga apa yang saya bagi di blog ini bisa bermanfaat untuk mereka yang membacanya ^_^.

Copyright: All photographs are my own (except stated otherwise). Please send personal email to micinapici@yahoo.com for usage permission.

Disclaimer: Blog owner does not have any business relation with reviewed vendors (e.g. restaurant, hotel, shop, etc.). All reviews are objective.


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